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Invest in a guest house project in Cikarang Industrial City. It is a growing destination for business and industrial area, the largest in South East Asia.

We need an investor to establish a guest house in Cikarang. Cikarang is an area that includes the government of Bekasi Regency. Cikarang City grows as an industrial city because in Cikarang the industrial activity is very prominent. It can be seen from how many industrial areas began to spread from the West Cikarang (Cibitung) to South Cikarang area. Some well-known area is located in MM2100 Cikarang Barat, Kota Jababeka, Bekasi International Industrial Estate (BIIE) or the Hyundai Industrial Park, East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP) and Delta Silicon Industrial Park. Many foreign companies are located in Cikarang industrial estate, such as from Singapore, USA, Germany, Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Middle East region.
First of all we will build or buying the guest house and start operating. We are looking for an investor and partner to start the business. There are two guest houses at the moment and it has a huge potential and prospect for growth. The guest house operation is expected to bring high profit earnings every month.
As an industrial city, not just manufacturing companies into major industry grows here, now various industries have grown rapidly along with the development of Cikarang. Tourism industry, hotels, hospitality, household industry, food industry, television industry and many other industries that grow in.
Looking at the occupancy of existing guest houses, the average occupancy would never go below 85% throughout the year.
The size of the guest house can be decided according to the available funds for Investment. Starting a new guest house can be completed in 6 months. We can market the guest house through internet, local advertising and our network. There is a huge market for the Cikarang as the largest industrial estate area in South East Asia.

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